Friday, April 22

Office Watchdog

Those of you who have visited our office in the past have already met our office mascot, watchdog and creative companion here at Bow & Arrow Productions.  For those of you who have not, we would like to formally introduce Katie Mars, a three year old Golden Retriever who is a vital part of our office culture.

At Bow & Arrow Productions we rely on teamwork to function properly both in the office and on our show sites. As we all know, working in teams can be a difficult task when stress levels are high. In this article, published by Aaron Crowe of AOL Jobs, Crowe finds that dogs create a more cohesive work place, act as an "Ice Breaker" and can provide a creative spark in the office.  Katie is an excellent example of how a canine can positively affect an office environment.

When renovating our office our goal was to create an atmosphere where clients can escape the daily grind and focus on their upcoming event. Katie couldn't be happier to greet them with one of her favorite toys as they walk through the door. She plays a big role in setting the relaxed mood the moment a visitor steps into our our office.

According to Crowe's article, many businesses who rely on creativity also rely on dogs to keep the creative juices flowing.  High stress levels and tension in the office are things that can adversely effect productivity.  Playing fetch, going for short walks or just being a foot warmer are all things Katie has mastered to help us refocus on the task at hand.

Wether we're working individually in our offices or meeting in a conference room, Katie can be found laying under the table or waiting to play tug-o-war. We find these brief escapes from the daily routine can provide more than entertainment, they are a way for us to clear our minds and refocus on the task at hand.  The concerns and obstacles of the day seem to disappear when Katie comes strolling into your office.

Katie has become a vital member at Bow & Arrow Productions, specializing in the tangible things to keep our office culture focused yet relaxed.  We're extremely lucky to have such a positive member on our staff and hope you all get a chance to meet her at the door of 820 Prairie Street in Adel sometime soon.  

Thursday, April 21

Maui 2011

Our latest journey took us across the Pacific to the island of Maui for a gala event and headline concert on the Kaanapali golf course.  In 2007, we produced a similar show which is still regarded as one of the most impressive events ever produced on Maui.  This year's event was a great opportunity for the new staff members at Bow & Arrow to prove their skills on the island.

After months of coordinating, conference calls and planning, it was finally time to let the ship set sail as construction began April 10th, 2011.  The event was located on the 5th hole of the Kaanapali golf course which sets directly between the ocean and the beautiful Honoapiillani Highway 30 ocean drive.  It didn't take long before the island was a buzz with excitement to see a major production back on the island.

After six days of load-in and smaller events on the island, we couldn't have asked for a more beautiful sunset as 1,800 guests enjoyed dinner in anticipation of the headline act.  Just as the sun tucked away for the night, one of America's great rock & roll bands, Huey Lewis and the News took to the stage and put an excellent show capped with fireworks synced to custom music.  

Producing a show of this magnitude can be a daunting task with so many moving parts and uncertainties.  We are extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to work on these extraordinary projects with great team members from everyone involved in the event.  Be sure to sign up for our next newsletter for a full recap and photos from our ten days in Maui.